“I’m not sure what to do with my hands?”

I get this question fairly often from new Muay Thai students. Every time I do I chuckle a bit because it reminds me of the Will Ferrell movie. lol

However, it’s a very valid question. What you do with your hands when you knee entirely depends on if you are throwing a “long” knee (used as a counter strike or thrown from a longer punch range), or a “clinch” knee, (thrown when you are in close standing grappling range actually holding on to your opponent’s body).

It’s also important to distinguish if the knee you are drilling is a knee to the body or the head.

I always start my students focusing on the long knee to the body. It allows them to develop the thrusting hip power needed to make knees strong (perfecting that thrusting movement will have to be another video).

After they have that down, they need to focus on getting their hands in a good position to guard against potential punch counters

In this video, I review the correct guard (aka hand placement) for long knees to the body and how it’s different than what you would do for clinch knees or knees to the head.

Long knees are also excellent for kickboxing rules, such as Glory, when clinching is not as dominant a part of the rule set.

x Coach Roxy