Why the rant about knee push-ups?  Well, we admit – poor push-up form is a pet peeve of F5 coaches. From lack of depth to poor alignment, to incorrect elbow flare, there is a lot that can go wrong with this simple exercise that most people think they are doing “right”.

However, push-ups performed from the knees what I’d like to discuss in this post.

Knee push-ups are commonly performed by individuals as a modification for those who cannot yet do a full push up from the toes. The intention is correct, but there are a few problems with the knee push-up.

  1. The form of the knee push-up often sets up a habit for poor form with elbow flare.
  2. There is no way to progress the exercise well from the knees to the toes.

Check out this video with Coach Roxy on how we scale our push ups in classes at F5 Fitness.