The Muay Thai teepĀ aka push kick is a leg strike used to keep an opponent at a long range and stop their forward movement. It can be aimed to the abdomen, sternum or even the chin of an opponent.

When timed correctly with proper technique and force it can also be a devastating blow that can either knock the wind out of someone (setting up follow up strikes) or if aimed at the chin, it can even knock someone down for the count.

The rear teep is a very long-range strike. There are couple ways to throw it (straight or bent leg), and it can also be used to hit the mid-thigh to stop forward movement.

In this video Coach Roxy and Nathan review the various techniques of the rear teep (the right teep for orthodox fighters).

The front teep (aka push kick) is a quick strike often used defensively as a counterstrike to keep an opponent from coming forward.

New Muay Thai students often prefer the rear teep as it’s easier to get power from the dominant side (and balancing tends to be easier) but the front teep, if done correctly, is faster and can be thrown from a closer range, giving the fighter more options for counter striking forward movement.

Coach Roxy and Nathan review the lead leg teep and some variations used with this strike.

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