The Muay Thai shadowboxing kick, when done correctly, is a beautiful movement that helps build solid technique.

Shadowboxing is an effective warm-up before training as well as a way to improve technique and skills. Fighters usually spend 10 minutes or more shadowboxing before training sessions. When you first start shadowboxing it’s crucial to use a mirror so you can check your technique.

Simple Muay Thai shadowboxing can start with punch combinations and long knees to warm up the upper and lower body strikes. Shadowboxing kicks are slightly more challenging than punches and knees, as they rely heavily on balance.

In our gym we often see new people attempt to shadowbox a kick incorrectly, so we help them learn the technique right.

Common mistakes are:

  1. Flicking the leg up and down
  2. No hip turn
  3. Not swiping the arm for balance
  4. Not raising the heel of the planted foot to allow for a pivot
  5. Not follow through back to stance

When a Muay Thai shadowboxing kick is drilled correctly, it helps improve the technique of a kick against a solid object, like a pad or bag. When a Muay Thai shadowboxing kick is drilled incorrectly, it can transfer to bad habits on pads and in sparring.

In this video, Coach Roxy reviews how to shadowbox your kicks to optimize your form.



We also commonly see mistakes when shadowboxing the teep (aka push kick).

The teep is a quick, thrusting strike throw to the body or head with the bottom of the foot. The teep is often used defensively to stop an opponent’s forward movement.

Common mistakes in the teep are:

  1. Flicking the foot up instead of thrusting the strike in.
  2. Not fully extending the strike with the hips.
  3. “Muscle-ing” the strike making it slow.
  4. Landing out of stance after finishing the strike.
  5. Incorrectly using the wrong patterning of the strike in shadowboxing.

In this video, Coach Roxy discusses how to pattern your teeps correctly in shadowboxing for a more effective strike.


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