Coach Roxy and Coach Nate created this Muay Thai Boxing tutorial with tips to help you get a crisp, powerful cross.

The straight cross is often a new Muay Thai students’ favorite punch because it is simple and from the dominant stance. Like in Boxing, the Muay Thai cross can generate a rewarding amount of power.

It’s no secret the straight cross was a favorite of mine, well throughout my amateur and professional career. I loved the feeling of my knuckles hitting a target dead on. I used to practice my crosses on the heavy bag over and over until my knuckles were sore. 

Over the years I’ve developed a system of teaching out F5 students to get killer crosses with these tips. 

You can use these same tips for boxing and kickboxing. The striking technique carries over, with minimal adjustments.

Muay Thai Boxing Tutorial Tips Covered:

  1. Rotation
  2. Full Extension
  3. Head Position Over the Hips
  4. Lower Body Activation

Happy Punching,

x Coach Roxy