Punches to the body are an effective¬†way score points and damage an opponent. In this video, we’ll go over the Muay Thai Boxing cross to the body. Body shots are a shorter fighters best friend, as a taller opponent will typically have a¬†more exposed torso, making them vulnerable to strikes to the body.

There are three different possible punches to the body, the jab, the cross, the left hook and the right hook. The cross the body is the easiest body shot to master, as it is very similar to the regular cross and requires minimal setup and risk compared to the other strikes.

When done correctly the cross to the body can score points, set up other strikes to the head, or in the best case, knock the wind out of your opponent.

Learn some tips to make your cross to the body effective and crisp. Coach Roxy Richardson and Nathan Foster show you tips on form, set-up, and follow-ups in this video below: