We are always in search of that perfect Muay Thai body kick. The body kick done well is such a thing of beauty. It is powerful, fast, accurate and graceful.

Perfecting this kick takes time. I usually focus first on getting students to create the right distance and angle of set up, then turn my attention to helping them pivot (“turn over” their kicks). This stage can take time. Start with this video if you are still learning the kick.

The heavy bag drill I describe in this video is for students who already have a good understanding of distance, and the ability to turn their kicks over. Once you have that down, it’s time to perfect your landing.

The landing of the kick is just as important as the start, but since learning and develop the Muay Thai body kick is multi-faceted, we will approach this after the student is “turning over” their kicks (hip mobility permitting).

Ideally, we want to land exactly back in our stance with our hands up, ready to follow-up with more strikes or defend our opponent’s strikes.

Landing back from a kick out of our stance (too long or too square) can put a fighter in danger of attacks and hinder a proper follow-up strike.

Check out this video with tips on how to use:

  1. The arm swipe
  2. The ball of your rear foot
  3. The cross

…. to¬†help improve the landing of rear kick and make for a quick, powerful and balance Muay Thai body kick.