The F5 Team

Roxy Vivien
Owner & Team Leader of F5SXMT, SFG II, Pn1
Nathan Foster
Head Muay Thai Coach & Personal Fitness Trainer
Alex Karu
Strength Coach & Personal Fitness Trainer, SFG I
Matt Morrison
Strength Coach & Personal Trainer
Eric Addis
Strength Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist, SFG I
Amanda Sunthonlap
Strength Coach & Personal Trainer, SFG I
Anthony Ristow
Muay Thai Coach
Leks Aoud
Muay Thai Coach, Massage & Neuromuscular Therapist
Ben Yoshiwara
Muay Thai Coach
Dustin Shaw
Co-Owner, Assistant Fight Team Coach
Jon Ho
Office Manager
Dylan Esposito
Assistant Office Manager
Tyler Schaeffer
Founding Strength Coach '11 - '17
Freddy & Jason


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