At F5SXMT, we value a supportive team environment for training. With a dedicated community of students and staff, we can provide you with high-quality coaching and services catered to individual training needs, while still maintaining a culture of teamwork and fun.

To create this unique community, F5 is a members-only gym, which means that we only take reservations for our semi-private sessions if you have an active membership with us.


Deciding who to entrust your health and fitness needs to is an important decision.

We want you to feel confident when making the commitment to train with us, so we have a 100% guarantee on all NEW memberships.

Students in their first 30 days of training, if after signing a new member agreement and taking a minimum of five (5) classes, should you feel F5 is not a fit for you and your goals, we will refund you for the remaining unused sessions and part ways amicably.

 x Roxy Vivien, Founder F5 Strength & Muay Thai



Founder of F5SXMT

ACE certified personal trainer since 2005, former professional Muay Thai fighter, and kettlebell expert, with a passion for mindset, communication, hard work, coffee, and cats.

Customized Programming

Every student gets a customized strength & fitness program designed by our programming team and delivered via True Coach, the #1 personal training software.

You’ll follow a personalized program tailored to your goals and level in our semi-private strength classes, at home, or on the road. Our programming team will adjust your workouts as needed along the way.

Plus, track exercise history and metrics, easily log results, and make progress towards specific goals over time.

Individual Attention

Whether you’re taking a Muay Thai class or a strength class, with semi-private training sessions, your coach will give you individual coaching at a fraction of the cost of personal training. 

In Muay Thai, you’ll get drills, technique tips, and specific programming in each class that is just right for your level.

In Strength, you’ll be working on your personalized program, designed specifically for you, and your coach will guide you through the session and help you with tips, form, and motivation.

Member Portal

All F5 Members get free access to our member portal. This exclusive site has almost 200 Strength & Muay Thai video tutorials and a bunch of member resources to help you get to your goals faster!

You’ll get courses, challenges, and whatever else we decide to add to the portal for free, as long as you’re a member.

Support Calls

Need Extra accountability and motivation?

We got you! Members can book weekly virtual support calls with a coach to discuss goals, programming, exercise form, habit change, nutrition, or just check-in to keep in track. 

Facebook Coaching

We know that chatting with your coach and getting to ask all your burning questions is an essential part of the training journey.

However, with new re-opening guidelines, in-gym Q+A isn’t possible, as the sessions start and end quickly, and we have to clean. So we’ve arranged for additional ways for you to reach out to us!

The Facebook Group, moderated by out coaches, where you can ask your burning questions or just share a cat meme or two if that’s more you’re style.

Online Classes

That’s right, in addition to all the in-person sessions, F5 gym customized training members get access to ALL our weekly virtual classes for FREE!

Missed a training session at the gym, no problem!

Join the online coaching team for HIIT, Muay Thai, and Strength classes online!




Roxy Vivien
Owner & Team Leader of F5SXMT, SFG II, Pn1
Nathan Foster
Head Muay Thai Coach & Personal Fitness Trainer
Matt Morrison
Strength Coach & Personal Trainer
Amanda Sunthonlap
Strength Coach & Personal Trainer, SFG L1, Coaching Manager
Anthony Ristow
Muay Thai Coach
Leks Aoud
Muay Thai Coach, Massage & Neuromuscular Therapist
Jon Ho
Kickstart Manager
Dylan Esposito
Member Support Manager
Freddy & Jason
Gym Mascots & Professional Meowtivators


Customized Semi-Private Strength & Muay Thai Training

Monthly Services Included

12 x Semi-Private Strength Training Session (max 4 per week)

12 x Semi-Private Muay Thai Sessions (max 4 per week)

Plus, a customized program with a mobile app, online classes, weekly support calls, Facebook coaching group, and portal access, and a whole lot of individual attention!



If you were to pay for all these services separately, you would likely pay over $1,000 or more per month!


1. Month-to-Month $499  $357 per month – LOCK-IN this low rate!

2. Paid in Full for Six Months & Get 40% off your first month!

Membership rates WILL increase!

Lock in your rate now to get all these meowsome coaching services at our re-opening rate.

Sign up for F5SXMT Membership before September 1st, you’ll get ALL these services for less than $15 per session!

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